Fall Prevention with Age Concern Southend

As we get older, falling is quite common, and although most falls don’t cause serious injury they can leave us feeling worried and anxious.

There are a number of steps you can take to reduce falls including healthy eating, exercising, staying hydrated, keeping your eyes and ears healthy with regular checks, seeing a doctor to manage any medications, changing your footwear and making your home safer by installing aids to help you move around.

At Age Concern Southend we can help you stay active with regular classes aimed at the elderly, to help you age better and get you back on your feet.

Our regular Fall Prevention Classes focus on rebuilding muscle strength and improving balance, posture and coordination. It’s not just your body we want to keep strong and healthy, we also have cognitive fall prevention classes too! Combining Cognitive stimulation therapy and fall prevention exercise in older adults with mild or moderate cognitive impairment.

We offer classes throughout the week on Tuesday Wednesday, Friday and Sundays. 


Our timetable has also been amended to include Supportive Yoga with Chairs and Chair Pilates, the perfect complimenting and supportive exercise should you wish to continue exercising after the fall prevention class. These class can also be taken on its own to help keep you active. Chair Pilates or Yoga will improve your flexibility and strength and can reduce stress and joint strain – great for injury recovery.

These classes are open to anyone wishing to book, no membership is required.

To book call 01702 345373 or email us on bookings@acsos.co.uk.

CLICK HERE: Timetable 

Timetable July 2023


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